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What makes a venue wedding perfect?

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Essendon Staircase EntranceA few days ago a couple contacted Cherry Picked and left a message to say that they were getting married at the end of this year and wanted a perfect wedding venue?

At this point in the assignment we did not have much to go on and it got us talking and discussing what does make a venue wedding perfect??!!

It is always quite subjective and a lot of the time our clients will not know initially what they are looking for and part of our job is helping people identifying what will work for them.

You may have had a venue highly recommended to you by a friend but when you visit it realise that it does not deliver what you were hoping for.  It really is about personal choice and suitability.

As a starting point the following factors should be carefully considered.

Stephens House & Gardens The Salon

Stephens House & Gardens The Salon

The venue style/type is a major factor, i.e. are you looking for a building with architectural beauty?  What does that equate to for you, a historical building with original features or a modern and contemporary design?  Somewhere which will be a talking point among your guests and has a real ‘wow’ factor?

It may be that you wish to have the ceremony held at the venue and if so you will need to check their regulations, for example how many guests they are licensed for?

The location is a key consideration and will always be very personal to each and every couple that we work with.  It may be that you wish to get married close to home, or somewhere green and picturesque?

It may be that you are looking for a “room with a view”?  What one person will consider a good view may not be the case for the next couple.  I love rolling hills and countryside, whereas my husband would prefer looking out at good architecture.  We compromised and got married in a picturesque golf club!!

For most the food is essential and a real deal breaker.  Again this is very subjective.  My husband and I had Indian food for our wedding, but this may not work for all.

Essendon WeddingOr it may be that you wish to bring your own food or caterers.  It is also important to make sure that the alcohol licensing regulations of your venue meet your requirements if required.

Capacity is an extremely important deciding factor.  We have many people calling Cherry Picked interested in a specific venue, but when we ask how many guests they are intending on the numbers just do not work.  At the end of the day you cannot fit a square peg in a round hole!!

The logistics are also very important and you need to consider things such as parking, public transport, accommodation etc. to ensure that all goes smoothly.

In summary, when looking for a venue the key factors to consider are:

1)      Your preferred style/type of venue

2)     Location

3)     Capacity

If these don’t work we need to get back to the drawing board!

Following on from the above we need to take into account:

4)     Food & licensing regulations

5)     Logistics

We have many venues listing with us that are fantastic for weddings and have a dedicated section on our site “Our Collection – Weddings”.

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