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We asked Emma Sousa (Founder & Owner of Urban Flower Farmer) to tell us her top hot tips for going ‘DIY’ on your wedding flowers …….

Urban Flower Farmer

“Your wedding day is a huge time in your life and its easy to get carried away with spending.  Often flowers get left until the last and before you know it there’s not enough budget left for what I think is a really important part of your day.  Flowers make memories and will be captured forever in you photography as well as you and your guests minds so I think it’s worth putting aside a slice of the budget for them, but if you find you really have overspent and there just isn’t too much in the pot why not consider DIY flowers.  I would recommend you still buy quality flowers (please please don’t buy supermarket flowers – your big day really does deserve more than that) but choosing simple table flowers like jam jars or pretty jugs for example you can easily get a small group of friends together to make some lovely arrangements  a day or two in advance of the actual day.

As a grower during the peak growing season (April to October) we can provide buckets of ready conditioned flowers and foliage for you to arrange, all at their very best for your big day.  I would recommend that you get a professional to do your Bouquets and Buttonholes and flower crowns as these need to be arranged on the actual day and these are best done by someone who has been trained to do this, but there is no reason if you feel you have the time, that you couldn’t do some simple flowers yourself.

If you are unsure of how long to allow, what flowers to buy etc then why not book you and your friends onto a workshop where you can learn the basics and get some great advice from a professional.

Urban Flower Farmer

My top tips for arranging your own flowers:

Just because you are DIYing your flowers don’t scrimp – buy good quality flowers that will last the days leading to your wedding.

Get a professional to do the tricky bits.  So bouquets, buttonholes and flower crowns as well as any statement pieces like urns and pew ends.

Keep it seasonal – choose flowers that are in season and they will far out perform any flower that has been forced under glass and they are more likely to be a good price.

Mix in lots of foliage to save on the cost – foliage is a great way to add texture and interest to your flowers – did you know the pantone colour for 2017 is green?  Foliage is bang on trend at the moment…..

Depending on the theme of your big day be brave and collect unusual or interesting containers.  Jam jars are great and easy to collect but how about tin cans, coloured glass bottles or even wooden boxes for a rustic touch.

Urban Flower Farmer

Most importantly enjoy!  Your wedding day should be filled with lots of laughter and joy and stress shouldn’t be part if it especially so close to the big event.  If you are a stress sort of person perhaps leave your flowers to an expert…..after all you only marry once!”



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