Rain Dance

Perfect Party Planning?!

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Rain DanceWe hear some awful stories from our client’s, who have been totally devastated when their perfect party celebrations are ruined by the rain and a total washout transpires!

We however always remind them (diplomatically of course) that they are living in England, rain at some point is inevitable, and a contingency plan a must!

I love living in England, whenever I have lived away I crave our seasons and when in the hottest of climates I even miss rain.  I however think one thing we would all like is a more guaranteed few months when you can make outside plans and not have them obliterated by a sudden volatile period of low pressure.

I really do get a hard time from my nearest and dearest because I spend far too much time checking my met office app, but I find it so fascinating.  Although, however prepared you try to be the weather forecasters sometimes get it wrong and we get caught out??

However, I have come to learn that ‘mother-nature’ will always win and that is why we should go into planning every party, whether it be at home, in a venue or in the park etc., with a backup plan securely in place.

The most important thing is to know your audience.  Really think about who you are catering for?

Rain Dance

Rain Dance

For example, if you are hosting a party for your child’s 5th birthday, in your garden with 10 children and an equal number of adults, then your contingency plan may not need to be too complex.  A back up plan of some indoor board games followed by a video may do the trick!

However if you are planning a bigger bash at home for a maybe more formal occasion with a larger group of people the contingency may need to be really well thought out.

Investing in some canvass may be a good idea.  There is a great selection on the market which will not break the bank balance, from gazebos to domestic styled marquees.  They can also be attached to your house, conservatory or summer house etc. to help form more indoor & dry space.

Such areas can be lit with “fairy lights” or indoor lanterns to set the scene and create a fantastic ambience ……

If you are having a bigger affair and require a larger marquee there are plenty on the market for hire and the hire company will erect the marquee and also be able to provide any accessories that you may require.

Rain Dance

Rain Dance

If you are hosting your event at a venue it is really worth speaking to the event organisers/management well in advance to ask what plans they have up their sleeves to accommodate any sudden downpours.  It really is a good idea to do this prior to even booking the venue to make sure you are happy with their contingency plans and consider them appropriate for your guests.

Another really important consideration is the catering options.  If you are planning to cook alfresco and the weather goes on the turn how can you provide cover for the cooking area, chefs and apparatus etc.?  It is obviously imperative to ensure that this is done safely with no unwanted smoke or gases getting in to internal spaces.

Another important factor would be where are your guests going to eat?  It is all well and good if the sun is shining, people will be more than happy to sit on grassed areas etc. to dine.  However, it may all becoming slightly more problematic if this space becomes suddenly wet and out of bounds.

Rain Dance

Rain Dance

On this subject it is also worth considering that some shade may be require if it turns out to be a glorious day and the sun is blazing!!

At the very least we would recommend that if after checking your met office app there are a few grey clouds looming have a stash of umbrellas to hand!!

Look on the bright side, it will be winter soon and we can all have a moan about being stuck inside!!

Contact us if we can provide any assistance with your perfect party planning! X

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