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Through a clients eyes

Through a clients eyes

1) Through the eyes of your clients!

Did you know potential clients will form an opinion within 7 seconds of walking into your function space!?!

They are looking to be impressed so that they can in turn pass onto & share this experience with their guests!  A ‘client viewing’ will come in all shapes and sizes – not always by appointment – somebody popping in for a lunch or coffee, using your sport or other facilities, dropping off a parcel!

First Impressions are EVERYTHING!!  It is important to optimise every opportunity and not miss out on a sale!!

Our workplace is very familiar to us to the point that we naturally stop ‘taking in our surroundings”!

You must SEE your function facilities for the first time each and every day!!  Key areas to think about:

  • The approach to your venue whether by car or foot
  • Main entrance (is this obvious or will people struggle to find it, is there a wow factor!)
  • Toilets (we all love an over-indulgent loo)
  • Common areas

Leading us onto the actual function space ….

2) Declutter & spring clean!!

It sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many venues, function rooms we visit and they are half function room & half storage room!  And as for the cobwebs!!

Stand up from your desk now and take a look!!  What would you expect to see?  Are there unnecessary functional items on display – files, brooms, hoovers, chairs stacked, dried flowers collecting dust?

A Cherry Picked Spring Clean

A Cherry Picked Spring Clean

You need to within reason showcase your property at every given opportunity!   People popping in for a drink, lunch, game of golf are potential clients for private & corporate business and great opportunities to IMPRESS & SELL!

We recommend that you walk in and SEE your venue & function areas through your client’s eyes EVERYDAY!

3) Define your space!

Versatile is good but it is important to be realistic.  What is your USP and what do you want to be?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

It would be unlikely that a space will make an ideal wedding venue & for a children’s party!

4) Optimise your facilities and surroundings!

One thing which is important to many of our clients is outside space!  Be creative – if you don’t have a garden or own space – where is your local park/green space for photography opportunities?

Equally it is essential to be honest and let people know if there is currently building work next door, a main road running next to your premises.  Use these points to your advantage!  Again first impressions are important and you don’t want them turning up and immediately being put off by anything.

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

Car parking may be important – fantastic if on-site & free but if not the case provide information of availability locally and make it as easy for people as possible.  We are living in a world of convenience after all!

Other important items to include is equipment available for hire – ipod docking, speakers, microphone, staging, projectors etc.

Do you have a licence for live music, extended hours ……. INCLUDE IT & SELL IT!

Leads us nicely into advertising ………

5) Effective advertising

There is no point having a well maintained, decluttered, clean function space that nobody knows about!

Advertising is very likely to be the very first impression that you give your clients!  Make the most of it & make it work for you!  Make sure you are giving good first impressions to existing clients & those popping by.

  • Word of mouth is so powerful!
  • Put up posters
  • Have information to hand for people to take away with them
  • Have a fresh look at your website – what is it telling people, does it include price guidelines, photo gallery?
  • Use social media effectively!
  • Join cherry picked venues! We will sell it for you.  Let us do what we are good at & free up your time for you to manage your venue!

As a cherry picked member venue let us be your ‘fresh eyes’!  Call us today on 07889 838981 & book OUR venue visit!!  We are not promising to help with cleaning though!!

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